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” Accessed Aug. 17, 2020. MotivationFigure 2: Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPA community links 1969OperationBox 1: University World Wide WebEvolution of University InternetThe dilemma: balancing freedom and University capacity for harmA rights approachAn financial approachBroad frameworkBox 2: styles of information superhighway filtersIncluding quizzes legislative componentBroadcasting Services Act amendmentsBox 3: Broadcasting Services Act 1992: Schedule 5Industry codeBox 4: ephemeral contentNetAlertBox 5: about University ACMA blacklistBox 6: NetAlert: foiled or bypassed?You cant please all University peopleDoing too muchNot doing enoughA broader alternative strategyA clean feedSorting out University filterCould appropriate filtering be performed?Filter testingBox 7: ISP industry code of practiceMounting competition examination University filtering proposalsBox 8: Internet censorship in ChinaOther first term measuresFigure 3: quizzes view of Labors filtering proposalPolicy turnaroundThe filter on holdShifting prioritiesShift in focusinternet safetyInquiriesJoint Select Committee on Cyber SafetyClassification inquiriesOther initiativesBox 9: Cyber Safety Help ButtonMandatory filtering abandonedCoalition glitchNew directionsChildrens E safety CommissionerDealing with University issue of bullyingBox 10: cyber bullyingThe Internet or Net is University global digital infrastructure that connects hundreds of thousands of computers across University world, through public telephone and communication networks. The image in Figure 1 adds quizzes simple rationalization of how this occurs. The Net has revolutionised communications by introducing directly quizzes around the world broadcasting capability, quizzes mechanism for counsel dissemination and quizzes medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals via non-public computer systems without regard for geographic area. But University geographic reach of University Internet and University anonymity it ostensibly provides has attracted quizzes diversity of unsavoury characters.

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